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Master Tung's Acupuncture Points 77.17, 77.18, 77.19, 77.21 (Lower Three Emperors)

Lower Three Emperors

In this blog I want to share unique perspectives on Master Tung's points. One way to do this is to discuss the myofascial lines that relate to point groups. If you are already familiar with point locations go to the notes section to learn more about how to optimally use points.

Location: This group of points is located on the medial edge of the tibia and on the spleen meridian. 77.17 is in the same location as Spleen 9 (SP 9), 77.18 is 1.5 cun inferior to SP 9. These two points form an effective dao ma for many disorders of the pelvis and lumbar region. They should be combined with one more of the following distal points.

77.19 is seven cun proximal to the medial malleolus.

77.20 is four cun above the medial malleolus.

77.21 is three cun above the medial malleolus and is the same as SP 6.

Notes: Choose three points between SP 6 and SP 9 as a dao ma point combination. Palpate to find which points along this line are most sensitive. The more proximal points of the Lower Three Emperors (77.17, 77.18) are often best for pelvic and lumbar conditions. The more distal points like SP 6 / 77.21 tend to have stronger systemic and neurological effects.

Any combination of three points on this line will have similar effects but clients vary in where they hold tension and trigger points. If SP 9 and Shen Guan (77.18) are most sensitive combine them with one distal point like SP 6 or 77.20.

If greater sensitivity and tension is found at the distal points like 77.20, 77.21, then needle those and include one more proximal point (either SP 9 or 77.18). For non-responders and clients with big bodies or obesity then it is acceptable to needle four points along this line.

The Deep Front Line, Leg Yin Meridians, and the Lower Three Emperors

acupuncture for the psoas, sp 9, 77.17, Lower Three Emperors, Tung's points
The Psoas and DFL

The points 77.17 and 77.18 are indicated for lumbar pain, as are many other points in the Master Tung system. Points on different meridians and fascial lines will have distinct effects.

As 77.17 and 77.18 are on the Deep Front Line (DLF) they have the potential to influence muscles on this line. The psoas muscle pictured above is also on the DFL and can play a role in lumbar pain patterns.

In cases where other muscle groups and fascial lines are involved the Lower Three Emperors may not produce results. However, for lumbar conditions involving any of the muscles on the DFL these points are some of the best to use.

The DFL also includes the deep structures, fascia, and organs of the pelvis. Points on the spleen, liver, and kidney meridians are often used for pelvic, urinary, reproductive, and gynecological conditions. By following the pathway of the Deep Front Line we find a direct anatomical and myofascial relationship with leg yin meridians and the pelvis. Additionally, many of the visceral fascia are also included in the DFL.

To learn more about how to integrate myofascial anatomy into your practice of Master Tung's points visit this page on my website. Tung's Points and Myofascial Anatomy

If you are not very familiar with Tung's points visit: Acupuncture and Fascial Anatomy


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