Master Tung's Points for Neck Pain

The  points in the image are often used for neck and back pain. While 22.03 and 22.06 are used for neck pain, the points Yao Tong Xue are used for lumbar pain.


Other groups of points like 22.08 & 22.09 are also used for cervical conditions of the spine, but work in a different way. Similarly, point groups like 22.01 & 22.02, 77.01 - 77.04, and 77.05 - 77.07 may be used as well. 


Not only are these point groups on different meridians, but they are also located on different myofascial lines. The neck has many muscles including the trapezius, splenius capitis, levator scapulae and SCM. These muscles are all on different myofascial lines. To get the best results with Tung's points, and acupuncture in general, it is essential to understand how acupuncture points effect the fascial lines.  In the image all the points in blue are located on the Superficial Back Arm Line (SBAL) and will work in a similar way.

SBAL Hand Acupuncture Points.png