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Master Tung's Acupuncture Points and Fascial Planes  - Level 202

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Learn how many of the actions and indications of Master Tung's points can be understood according to recent research in fascial plane anatomy.  


Pending approval by the NCCAOM for 7.5 credits

Master Tung's Points and Fascia Course - Level 202

Meridian Circuit Systems 

A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification

This course elaborates on the 5 meridian systems as taught by Dr. Richard Tan's Balance Method.  It elaborates on the connections between the meridians, discusses Global Balance, and explores why the meridian systems are an essential method of pattern identification.

If you missed Dr. Tan's teachings, or never fully integrated the Balance Method, this course is for you.  It will clarify and simplify the beauty and efficiency of Dr. Tan's groundbreaking work.


Meridian Circuit Systems

TCM, Classical Chinese Medicine
6 Meridians, Tai Yang, Yang Ming, Jue Yin, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yin

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Master Tung's Points, Fascial Planes and Structural Alignment


Master Tung's Points, Fascial Planes and Internal Medicine