22.01 & 22.02 - Chong Zi and Chong Xian

Location:  22.01 & 22.02 are located on the palm of the hand and along the thenar eminence. The first point is 1 cun proximal to the fold on the skin between the thumb and index finger. The second point is 1 cun proximal to the first point, and directly opposite of Ling Gu (22.05).


Indications: These points are very effective for neck and upper back pain. They are also used for lung disorders including respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.


Notes: This area of the hand is innervated by the median and ulnar nerves.  Symptoms in the neck in the region of C5 - T1 are especially responsive to these points. They are also effective for pain between the scapula and spine, and pain in the scapula and rhomboids.  

22.01, 22.02, Chong Zi, Chong Xian.png

The points 22.01 & 22.02, are effective for neck and upper thoracic pain, as well as for various respiratory conditions. This is a good point combination to use when neck or upper back pain presents with colds, fevers, cough, or difficult to treat lung diseases.  As they are on the hand, use them for acute, excessive, severe, and hard to treat lung conditions. For such patterns it is often best to use these points first, and early in the treatment process. If the lung condition is more chronic, deficient, or if the patient is needle sensitive  then 33.13 - 33.15 are often better choices.


The points 22.01 & 22.02 also treat cervical and upper thoracic pain in the UB channel, and are very good for many of these patterns.  They are some of the top points to use when pain is in the UB meridian, and in the area of C1 - T1.  They may also be used for pain in the upper thoracic area, but in many cases of thoracic pain, the ashi points 3 - 5 cun above LU 9 are preferable. When thoracic pain originates from cervical problems, 22.01 & 22.02 should be used, but for thoracic pain without cervical involvement, the ashi points between LU 7 and LU 6 are most effective.